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Lavender shower steamer

Lavender shower steamer

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Lavender Shower Steamer: Your Personal Spa Experience at Home

Transform your everyday shower into a serene escape with our Lavender Shower Steamer, crafted for those who cherish the art of aromatherapy and for busy professionals longing for a moment of relaxation.

Key Features:

  • Natural Essential Oils: Our steamer boasts a unique blend of natural essential oils, delivering a soothing and aromatic shower experience.
  • Premium Lavender: Formulated with premium lavender, it helps to relax and de-stress, making it a must-have for aromatherapy enthusiasts.
  • Spa-Like Convenience: Enjoy the luxury of a spa-like experience right at home. Perfect for busy professionals looking to unwind without having to set aside time for a spa visit.
  • Long-Lasting Scent: The steamer’s long-lasting scent fills your shower with the calming fragrance of lavender, providing a blissful escape from your hectic day.

Why Choose Our Lavender Shower Steamer?

Unlike traditional shower products, our Lavender Shower Steamer stands out with its potent blend of natural essential oils and its focus on delivering a premium aromatherapy experience. Its formulation with premium lavender ensures a deeply relaxing and stress-relieving shower, ideal for those who appreciate the finer touches of self-care.

Perfect for:

  • Aromatherapy Enthusiasts: If you love creating a calming atmosphere with essential oils, this shower steamer is designed just for you.
  • Busy Professionals: For those with a packed schedule, our steamer offers a quick yet luxurious way to unwind and refresh.

How to Use:

Simply place the Lavender Shower Steamer on the floor of your shower, away from the direct stream of water. As it dissolves, it releases a captivating aroma, turning your shower into a rejuvenating sanctuary.

Ingredients Matters

Saponified Extra Virgin Olive Oil, USDA Organic Virgin Coconut Oil,
Shea Butter, Castor Oil, Dried Botanicals, Natural Clays and Colorants, PureEssential Oils and Fragrance Blend.

Natural handmade soap bars for face & body.
🌱 Cold-process soaps made from 100% plant-based oils, luxurious vegan
butters, and natural clays.
🫒 Gentle and nourishing, great for sensitive skin.
🛁 Provide rich creamy lather, also can be used as a shaving soap.
🌿 Lightly scented with pure essential oils/fragrance or naturally unscented.
🚫 No detergent, parabens, phthalates, or sulfates.
🌎 Environmentally friendly: Palm-free, sustainable ingredients, and plastic-free
🐰 NOT tested on animals.
❤️ Each soap is handmade by me in small batches and packed with attention

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